Smile makeover categories

There are 5 general categories that patients fall into which prompts them come to the office to attain the most fabulous smile. Our patients can have any combination of these contributing factors that may need to be improved:

Discolored teeth

* Patients can have extrinsic stains like stains from food such as wine or coffee.

In this case whitening may be the treatment of choice.

* Patients can have intrinsic stains like stains caused from antibiotics during development, calcifications or hypo-calcifications.
In this case the treatment can consist of bonding, veneers or a combination of both.

Misaligned teeth

  • Patients can have small arch discrepancies.
  • Twisted or rotated teeth.
  • Crowded teeth or have spaces.

In this case Invisalign may be a treatment option as well as bonding and veneers to correct these malalignments.

Chipped or missing teeth:

  • Small chips can be repaired with bonding or veneers.
  • Larger chips can be repaired with veneers or crowns.
  • Missing teeth can be replaced with bridges or implants.

Narrow arches:

Some patients present with narrow smiles giving the appearance of a small or short smile.
In this case veneers, bonding, Invisalign or any combination of these procedures can be used to create a more full beautiful smile.

Unhealthy or inflamed gums:

In this case periodontal therapy or a deep cleaning is needed to get the gums back to health.
The gums are the foundation to healthy smile. Healthy gums are necessary to ensure healthy, beautiful teeth for the long haul.