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Dental Bonding

Bonding,also referred to as composite, is one of dentistry’s most conservative procedures. It allows us to add tooth colored composite material to repair chipped or worn teeth. Bonding is dispensed as a clay like substance that is applied to the teeth and be sculpted to any shape to mask staining or completely change the appearance of the underlying tooth. Once the material is shaped it is cured and further shaping and polishing is done.

What Dental Problems Can Bonding Fix?

  • Change the shape
  • close tooth gaps
  • whiten teeth
  • mask internal stains caused during tooth development
  • repair broken teeth


Actual patient of Dr. Sellinger

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Treatment can be accomplished in one visit. The amount of time for the procedure depends on the extent of bonding needed and the number of teeth involved. For the most
part bonding is quick with a simple repair to a tooth taking only 30 minutes. If the bonding is more involved and encompasses the entire smile it can take as much as 3 hours.

Most often anesthetics are not necessary during treatment. The teeth to be treated are cleaned and disinfected. Bonding, the sculpt-able composite material (bonding) is applied and is shaped using different instruments and sable brushes to achieve the desired shape. This material is than cured with a special light and this is followed by further shaping and polishing.


  • Bonding is an additive procedure which means that no natural tooth structure needs to be removed.
  • Bonding is a quick procedure that can produce beautiful natural healthy smiles.
  • Bonding or composite material is an extremely biocompatible material that is not harmful to gum tissues in the mouth.


  • Bonding material is more porous than natural tooth structure or veneers which makes it more susceptible to stain.
  • Bonding is susceptible to chipping and may require more maintenance than dental veneers.
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